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The program is an exclusive and unique discount health and lifestyle program available through This is a discount program, NOT INSURANCE. Discount programs complement insurance and offer time savings or discounted rates on services or products at participating providers or locations.
Members gain access to discounts at participating providers for their healthcare or lifestyle needs. Savings on various services are available through this Program. The amount of savings may vary depending on the type of provider and type of services received. The Program does not make payment to the provider. You are obligated to pay the discounted rate for services directly to the provider. The Medical Discount Advantage Program also provides doctor visits by phone at no additional cost, discount prescription access and other services related to healthcare and lifestyle needs.
The Program is NOT INSURANCE but can serve as a great supplement, especially if your insurance plan has a high deductible or lacks coverage in some areas, or to reduce "out of pocket" expenses.
Once you are a member, you will have access to an online Member Portal, where you can review your welcome letter, print your membership cards, and locate participating providers, as well as review the details of your program and Member Terms, Conditions and Disclosures. To receive discounts, you must visit a participating provider or location and present your membership card. Other services and benefits may be accessed online or over the phone by following the instructions indicated in the benefit details for the program.
Family members included in this type of membership are any spouse and children residing in your household. Spouse includes those legally recognized as having spousal rights under Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships.
To request the cancellation of your program, please contact us at 800-800-7616 for assistance.


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